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Before you go, we would like to give a special thank you to everyone at Bennington College that supported us in the last four years. First, thank you Dana Reitz for your infinite understanding, enthusiasm, eloquence, and humor. Thank you Terry Creach for introducing many of us to the play of dance at Bennington. Thank you Elena Demyanenko for your unwavering passion and encouragement. Thank you Susan Sgorbati for your wisdom. Thank you Mina Nishimura for your generosity and inquisitiveness. Thank you Hilary Clark for your rigour and compassion. Thank you Russell Stewart Lillie for your insight and technical prowess. Thank you Souleymane Badolo, Yanan Yu, Stuart Shugg, and Rebecca Brooks for greatly influencing and teaching us in our first two years at Bennington. Thank you Michael Giannitti for your knowledge and expertise. Thank you Richard MacPike for your willingness and dexterity. Thank you Linda Hurley for your unending support. Thank you Dale Doucette and Seancolin Hankins for your essential help behind the scenes. Thank you Paing Hein for assisting with sound at Dance Workshop. Thank you Hrachya Sargsyan for your video skills. Thank you Anna Kroll for your presence, especially remotely, in making this website. And, thank you David Thomson for joining us in our last semester as a critical force pushing us with our work, taking things as they’ve been thrown at us, carefully, calmly, and with perseverance.