Audrey King

Is Everything an Act of Seduction

Is everything an act of seduction

Performed and Choreographed by Audrey King
Sound: Obsolete Object and Phantom Waltz by Meredith Monk
Filmed by Mel Salli

Moments of ecstasy within deep pain. Grieving the part of the body that gets lost when we feel deep pleasure—
the particular mourning of my past self when I find new facets of myself through pleasure. It is scary.
That sustained moment when reaching full expansion in the body; completely open, vulnerable; breaking the body in order to find the body.
How can I lose myself further? How losing myself provokes being close to death; close to sexual freedom. Falling apart on stage?
I want you to see that side of me. To watch me give over myself to you fully.
Pulling up the thing that begs to be buried. This is a recurring theme—
the weightlessness in suspension while being anchored into submission by an earthly force; drenching the legs into perpetual chaos.

I Can Never Go Home Anymore \\The Shangri-Las

Lip Syncing Exploration

Performed, choreographed and filmed by Audrey King
Sound: I Can Never Go Home Anymore by The Shangri-Las

I am interested in the way that lip syncing can be an exploration in emotion and movement. It is a micro-scale investigation of the mouth and the face as a whole, as a way of processing deep emotion. The face in a way represents the whole body. I hold your words in my mouth and I can become a version of you. I sing you. I know, why not just sing the song, press mute, and overlay the song over the video? Because when I mouth the words I hold space for you to enter. I don’t know why I love it, I only know that it has the power to bring me to tears. And that space that I hold allows memory to slip in. The memory of playing and replaying the song while walking back and forth to school; holding those words against my tongue and teeth and lips and spit.