The Passage of the Sentient Three

Created and Performed by Olivia Garrity
Filmed by Olivia Garrity
Filmed at Bennington College, Bennington, VT
Johann Sebastian Bach – Air on G String, J.B. Lully – Armide Passacaille, Handel – Sarabande, Richard Jones – Fifth Set in B Minor Allemande 
Thanks to all those that gave me support and commentary while creating this piece.

This collection of videos is part of my French and Dance collaborative senior work. I initially started with four live people, but with ever changing circumstances it became a solo with three sentient statues. I was interested in how to adapt a French dance notation called “Beauchamp-Feuillet Notation.” It is a beautifully geometric and intricately written script introduced in the time of Louis XIV. I decided that instead of a direct translation of movement I wanted to put a modern twist to it. Therefore, I focused on the geography of my movement, developing certain moves within the collection of videos, playing baroque music, and maintaining the element of representing an entity or image more powerful than yourself. So, without further ado, The passage of three sentient beings, otherwise known as, The Three Fates.