i saw a purple duck

Created and performed by Nora Littell
Filmed by Nora and Charlotte Littell
Rocky theme song “Gonna Fly Now” by Bill Conti, sung by Nora Littell
Thanks to my family for witnessing and giving me space to dance.

Dancing in Ithaca, NY: 

I dance on stolen Cayuga land.

The video I made for my senior work is not a culmination, it’s a step in the process. I’m beginning to dance for myself, I’m beginning to play, I’m beginning to grow into the world. Some days it felt like all that was happening was me crashing awkwardly. Like oops I thought I could do this but actually no. Actually, I will flail forever. Flail, crash, lol. I’m sure everybody feels like this sometimes. But other times it felt like enough to move the way I was moving and I felt like I had all the power I needed, though not much control. Flailing can actually be super interesting. 

The most important thing is that I’ll keep dancing (and also laughing). Haha, I win. 

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