leafing through/leaving you

Fiona Spiegler

a debrief on leaving, and pandemic musings.

How does leaving/leafing become another chapter in our lives yet remain so blazingly in sight? How does the heart makes sense of sudden departure? Movement became subtle – within my roots, almost imperceptible – in the last few months. As if spring began and then was forced back down to flower among her roots. Dance created a cacophony of desire within me and in accepting this chorus I watered my garden and felt a stirring within. As I leave I see you. I witness you becoming. Thoughts will come and go as you watch, and I invite you to watch with your stomach and sacrum, hear my voice with each of your shoulder blades as they slide down your back. Your jaw melts and you let your eyes blur as I walk away. This work is something you know already. a reminder of the clarity of hindsight, and the beauty hidden in goodbye.

Creation and Performance: Fiona Spiegler
Filming: Fiona Spiegler
Sound: surrender by Fiona Spiegler