Fiona Spiegler

This is a part of my solo I built over Field Work Term. During self-isolation, my solo work became a monolith I deconstructed with care and many frustrating days. I could not puzzle out what I wanted, and I was sick of my self! I connected to this part of my solo work during self-isolation due to its nature of loneliness, desire, and unwanted yet cherished leisure. I was thankful for this practice during Covid-19.

Zelda is inspiration. Zelda is what you want. Zelda is luxury even if unprecedented. Zelda is siesta. Zelda is a laugh. Zelda is a contagious stretch. Zelda is curious. Zelda is play. Zelda is undeniable privilege. Zelda is practicing care no matter who you are. Zelda is consideration. Zelda is here, now. 

Creation and Performance: Fiona Spiegler
Filming: Fiona Spiegler
Sound: After Hours with Joe Buskin, Joe Buskin and Trio
Fiona’s Vimeo